Virgil Bauzys, Hastingwood Basket Works

Studio 30 Ritchie Street
West Kilbride
Ayrshire KA23 9AL

Studio opening hours Tuesday to Saturday, 9am till 5pm , but best to call in advance if planning a visit.
tel: 01294 829012
[email protected]

Beautifully handmade willow baskets bring charm to any room.

Hastingwood Basket Works was established in 2002 as a family business drawing on 20 years experience as a basket maker. Virgil has a professional qualification from a Fine Art & Craft College in Lithuania and worked there before periods spent in Germany and England. Virgil, Alison and their two young children relocated to West Kilbride, impressed by the supportive environment offered by the craft town.

Great designs, the highest standards of craftsmanship and the best quality English willow create exceptional willow baskets. Every item is handmade here in Scotland. Simply quality custom made wicker baskets for you, your home and your business at realistic prices.

Virgil works with willow in various natural colours and textures to produce a huge range of functional and decorative willow baskets, garden features and furniture. His work can be found in homes, gardens and business premises all over the world.

“Having trained and worked in Europe and in the UK we feel that the style of basket making we offer is quite unique in character. Our aim is to offer beautiful custom made wicker baskets at affordable prices. It's great to have something made just the way you want it!

Willow is a fast growing, sustainable crop, which grows well in wetland areas, such as the Somerset Levels. There are many varieties of coppice willow grown for many purposes, including basket making.

Willow is harvested from late autumn or early winter, after the first frosts, when the leaves start to fall. The variety we use for our baskets and furniture is Salix Triandra, a popular choice for basket making.

Freshly cut willow, known as Green Willow, can be used as it is, without soaking. It will remain soft and flexible for just a few weeks. Once it has dried out it is referred to as Brown Willow and will require soaking for up to five days before it can be woven with.

We make our baskets primarily from willow without the bark, as in this state it is very strong and easy to work with.

We are one of the few members of the Basket Makers Association to be selected as a professional maker and to feature in the trade directory of the organisation. In 2007 the Craftsman Magazine ran an article about the business.

We are members of the UK Basket Makers Association and the Scottish Basket Makers Circle.”

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