Marion E Kane, Silversmith

Studio 24 Ritchie Street
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tel: +44(0)1294 829269
mob: +44(0)7909995369
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A Scottish silversmith and craftsperson whose work exhibits to a consistent high standard.

Marion Kane is an award winning Scottish silversmith based in West Kilbride, Ayrshire. She has been creating silver art works and utensils for over a decade. During this time Marion has strive only for excellence, winning lots of awards from all over the country. Many of her masterpieces are in museums or made for celebrity's such as Ewan McGregor; but don't let that scare you away. Marion prides herself in making pieces that can be used in everyday life and reflects this by using textures and shapes that may seem boring and mundane to everyone else.

“Using a selection of old worn hammers I strike a mixture of rough and subtle surfaces onto metal objects that I have constructed from sheet silver using hand raising and traditional fabricating techniques. The textures give a contrast to the smooth highly polished finish we associate with older silverware.

My ideas are drawn from textures and patterns seen in everyday life: the winter branches of coastal trees, ever changing markings in the sand, fabrics and industrial structures.

I use simple fluid forms that enhance these surfaces with occasional touches of gold to add warmth and contrast. My aim is to encourage the owner to feel and explore the surfaces, and no longer consider silver as too precious to use.

Each creation starts as a flat silver sheet and is hand raised into a variety of different designs, using a repeated hammering action on metal stakes to create the three dimensional form. The patination of the surface is an integral part of the design and my inspiration comes from the textures and patterns that we see in every day life.”

Items can be custom made to any size or shape, feel free to phone Marion just for a chat, to get an idea of what she's working on now, or to find out what’s new in her cabinets. Silverware prices start from £90.00 up to £15,000, jewellery prices start from £25.00 up to £7,000 but every piece is different depending on how it’s tailor made for your own needs

“Silver of the Stars” International Touring Exhibition
Ewan McGregor Coffee Set Statement, Marion E Kane

"The initial concept for the coffee pot was to portray Ewan's love of biking and the importance of anonymity when he hits the road. Ewan's only request was to be able to have a huge mug of coffee from a chunky receptacle. I therefore thought the set had to be simple yet strong in form so I found myself being inspired by the practicalities of camping and being out on the road. This led to me to taking ideas from sections of motorbikes and portable liquid receptacles hence the pieces having a machined look. The final design gave me the challenge of making the set using engineering and traditional silversmithing techniques, yet still retaining my consideration for surface quality."

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